Get a complete consult for Botox, fillers, microneedling.


Botox or Dysport

Minimum  purchase is  20 units. 

Starting at $12/unit


Rebuild and restore your volume loss. Face, neck, body and booty. Great for rapid weight loss. 

Inquire with consult 

Dermal fillers

lips , cheeks & chin

Inquire with consult


Submental fat treatment (double chin), stomach, inner thighs, bra roll. Permanent fat dissolving treatment.

Inquire with consult 


Anteage hylouronic acid.

Anteage boosters growth factors or brightening skin enhancers



Microneedling package of 3

with Anteage hylouronic acid

Add Anteage growth factor or Brightening booster and get a take home kit to improve your results. 



Microneedling with PRP or Anteage Exosomes

Known as the vampire facial


Microneedling with PRXT-33

Known as the unicorn facial


Microneedling series of 3 bundle. 

Your choice of either PRP, Exosomes, OR PRXT-33 for the series


PRXT-33 unicorn facial (no microneedle)


PRXT-33 unicorn facial (no microneedle) series of 4 bundle